7 Ways Colonics Can Help Your Body

Over many years of practicing Colon Hydrotherapy (‘Colonics’), based on our observations, we believe this Therapy can help your body in many ways. Here are just 8 of the ways we believe Colon Hydrotherapy helps:

1- eliminates waste –  this therapy helps the body release built-up and trapped gases and waste from the digestive system

2- hydrates– an infusion of purified water into the colon hydrates dry matter and tissue

3- decompresses  – reduction in built up gases and waste, and possible reduction of inflammation- reduces pressure imposed on surrounding body parts- such as the diaphragm, liver, reproductive organs and spine.  This results  in a ‘decompression’ effect, and a feeling of increased lightness, mobility, spaciousness, and flexibility, particularly in the pelvic bowl, abdominal cavity and diaphragmatic region 

4- stimulates gut motility–  water gently enters the colon during the colon hydrotherapy session and seems to have a soothing / activating effect on the nerves of the colon, stimulating motility / peristalsis.  In some cases, it seems motility is improved after the session- with many people able to have better bowel movements on their own at home, after their sessions  

5- Enhances Gut / Mind Connection:  there is no research to show the effects colon hydrotherapy has on neurotransmitters of the gut (also known as your ‘second brain’), or the way the therapy affects the vagus nerve- but people commonly report feeling more energy, improved emotional wellbeing, feeling more calm, better sleep, and improved mental health after a series of colonics.  We could speculate that part of these benefits could be due to changes to neurotransmitter activity in the gut. The therapy itself seems to have a recalibration type effect on the gut / mind connection.

6- improves dysbiosis– by releasing built up waste from the gut ecosystem, a more hospitable environment can be created for good bacteria to thrive.  It seems moderate colon cleansing, combined with good nutrition and probiotic supplementation can help us improve our gut biome and cultivate / maintain a healthy biome over time. 

7-activates the body’s detoxification channels:  colon hydrotherapy is known to stimulate lymphatic flow, liver release, digestive elimination, aiding in more efficiently performing detox and elimination pathways in your body – perfect for any cleanse or detox program

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