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available via online booking

If you purchase a package on your 1st visit, your 1st appointment will be included in the package. Plus HST. Packages do not expire. Sessions are shareable. No refunds after 10 day period, but sessions are transferable to another person, or another service. Monthly membership requires a 4 month minimal commitment and provides you with one colonic a month.


available via online booking

A sauna appointment is 60 minutes.  This includes up to 55 minutes in the sauna (time in sauna varies based on individual) and 15 minutes to shower and change.  Bring your own big towel, little towel and flip flops.  Towel sets are available for rental @ $5 


available via online booking

We have the BCX Ultra Rife machine.  It is often used to support protocols including:  parasite cleanses, candida cleanses, Lyme disease treatment, but may also be applied to stimulate general detoxification among many other applications.  


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Detailed online intake, in-person initial consult, then receive a written protocol specific to your needs.  Follow-up consult maybe done in-office or on phone.  Support is provided online and via telephone, or in-office visits.