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Colonics, Cleansing & Detox

Here at Flow, we specialise in services and consulting to support you with incorporating cleansing and detoxification into your health and wellness routine.

Colonics and infrared saunas are known as some of the best detoxification therapies available.  We also provide consulting and support for cleansing protocols, and sometimes even cleanse together as a community (our team members all incorporate cleansing and detox into our lifestyles).

A quick online search will show you that many people are confused as to what cleansing or detox is- and some people don’t believe it’s a legitimate thing.

At Flow, this is how we understand cleansing and detox:

Cleansing is the simple practice of intentionally helping our bodies to clear backed up waste from its elimination channels (colon, liver, kidneys, skin, lungs, lymphatic), and consciously supporting these organs and channels to be healthy and function well.

Detoxification involves ridding the body of specific elements such as:  chemicals, heavy metals, parasites, candida, drugs, alcohol, and so on.  Detox programs are often done under the guidance of a healthcare progressional, as part of a specific treatment plan. 

Doing a good cleanse to open, clear, and activate the body’s elimination channels is a good practice on its own, and is often considered a must before a detoxification program to help ensure the elements being detoxed are actually being eliminated from the body.

Humans have been practicing various methods of cleansing (including colon hydrotherapy), all over the world, for thousands of years, for the purposes of physical healing, mental clarity, and spiritual purification.

However, these days, many people believe that cleansing and detoxing is extra vital to our wellbeing.  Why?

  • Processed foods are congesting and difficult for our bodies to process
  • Chemical additives, preservatives, and hormones are common in our food  system
  • Chemical exposure from personal hygiene products such as lotions, shampoos, conditions, deodorants, makeup, perfume is commonplace
  • Chemical exposure from household cleaning products is commonplace
  • Unnaturally high stress levels inhibit our body’s elimination channels
  • Airborne pollution exposure 
  • Increased use of pharmaceuticals and presence of pharmaceuticals in the water systems, can strain the liver
  • Exposure to electromagnetic radiation is commonplace; effects are unknown
  • tendency for over-consumption of food, drink and smoke can burden the body’s elimination channels 
  • high incidence of preventable degenerative diseases is red flag that something is wrong
  • High incidence of obesity is a red flag that something is wrong 
  • Prevalence of nutrient deficiencies inhibits the body’s elimination channels

Even with a healthy diet, it can be difficult to completely avoid some of the above factors.

Keeping our systems of elimination (colon, liver, kidney urinary, lungs, skin, lymph) healthy and well-functioning can result in:

  • More energy
  • Feeling better in our body
  • Better digestion
  • More balanced hormones
  • Improved immune health
  • Fewer infections such as UTIs
  • Fewer candida and yeast infections
  • Better body odour
  • Healthier immune system
  • Mental clarity
  • Emotional balance 
  • Healthier ageing processing
  • improved physical appearance
  • Balanced body weight
  • Improved sexual reproductive function

There are many different kinds of cleanse and detox programs, targeted to specific needs.  However, the basics include: 

  1. Nutritional support to help the body’s elimination systems function properly
  2. Removal of exposure from the offensive substances
  3. Sufficient hydration
  4. Herb, binders and nutrient supplementation to stimulate and support the cleansing action
  5. Elimination support- such as colon hydrotherapy and infrared sauna- to ensure the body is properly eliminating detoxed waste

The colon is like the solid waste disposal system of the body. It’s like a big long, muscular pipeline (about 5ft long give or take). It is the major solid waste disposal system in the human body.

The small intestine, after absorbing nutrients from food, empties the leftover waste into the colon for elimination. The liver empties waste in the form of bile, into the intestine via bile ducts.

The colon must then eliminate the waste via poo. If it is not eliminating waste properly, there will be problems! Fecal matter, gases, metabolic waste, hormonal wastes, chemical wastes, and harmful organisms, can become backlogged in the intestines.  Due to the large size of the colon, a significant amount of waste can accumulate there, ‘plugging up’ the whole system.

For example, if you embark on a juice cleanse or liver cleanse, but have a congested colon- the matter that you are cleansing will be emptied into the colon via the bile ducts, but will not be eliminated from the colon.  Therefore the ‘toxins’ or ‘wastes’ can be reabsorbed, re-circulated, and re-processed by the liver, in a negative feedback loop, causing excess burden and strain on the liver and the overall system.

Not only can this result in low energy levels, but when the colon is congested and the liver is burdened, the body will often turn to the skin in an attempt to eliminate excess waste, resulting in unpleasant skin problems and appearance.

In certain situations, detoxing without colon cleansing can lead to extreme discomfort. In our practice at Flow, we have definitely had people call us who are feeling terrible after completing cleansing programs that did not include colon cleansing.

Unfortunately, it is often the missing piece of the puzzle that many cleanse and detox programs overlook. Sure it’s not glamorous, but it can make all the difference in comfort and effectiveness of your cleanse or detox.

A colon cleanse can be looked at as the foundation of the pyramid, or prerequisite for other cleanses and detox programs.

“The most progressive treatment in the world for cleansing the internal organs and digestive system.”

-Rythmia Life Advancement Centre

Colonics or Colon Hydrotherapy is viewed as not only one of the most comprehensive ways to cleanse the colon, but as one of the more efficient and therapeutic whole-system cleanses. 

Unlike pharmaceutical laxatives and herbal laxatives which can be irritating to the intestines, the subtle flow of purified water used during colon hydrotherapy activates the colon,  gently but deeply helping the body release built up gases and waste. 

People are often surprised at the amount of waste that is eliminated during a colonic, even after doing enemas and taking colon cleansing herbs at home! They are also shocked at how easy the process is with our method at Flow, and the improved feeling of wellbeing they experience afterwards.

Colonics alone are a great cleanse. However, combining them with nutrition, herbs, juicing, or fasting can help you optimize the cleansing benefits even more. 

If you would like help planning a cleanse program, our team of Therapists are happy to assist you.  As colon hydrotherapy specialists, we are very experienced with witnessing and supporting a wide range of detox and cleanse protocols, and are happy to be your guides, or just your cheerleaders! 

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