Colonics: A Beauty movement

As women customarily attempt to enhance their physical beauty, many merely focus on the surface, spending hundreds of dollars monthly on trendy makeup lines, questionable tanning salons, and overpriced cleansing and moisturizing products that usually don’t work. 

Also known as colon cleansing, colon hydrotherapy has been touted by celebrities to provide an array of aesthetic advantages, particularly in the areas of weight control and of skin care.

While the treatment has taken many forms over the centuries, the essence of the therapy has remained the same – a gentle wash out of the colon or large intestine using warm water to remove waste matter, and rehydrate and exercise the bowel, according to the Association of Registered Colon Hydrotherapists.

To dig beneath the surface and reveal the substance behind the hype, I reached out to Monica Black, holistic health practitioner, colon hydrotherapist (10 years of practice) and owner of  Flow Hydrotherapy, and Crystal Rose, a certified independent skin therapist with 15 years in the beauty biz.

Can focusing on inner health impact your outer beauty? We think so.

Trisha: How does the practice of colonics contribute to outer beauty? 

Monica: Colon hydrotherapy helps to balance digestive irregularities and supports healthy-lifestyle transitions. The detoxification it facilitates also has many positive side effects for beauty and anti-aging.  

Many of my clients have reported improved, glowing skin, brighter eyes, improved nails and hair, and a more balanced body weight, especially in the tummy area.

Crystal: Our skin is an excretory system, which means that toxins are released through it. If there is an overabundance of toxins in the body it can cause inflammation and show up as different skin conditions on the face. Some of these conditions include acne, blackheads, redness, irritation, eczema, psoriasis, pigmentation and more. Regular colon cleansing aids in eliminating these conditions.

I especially recommend colonics for any client who is suffering from adult acne.  Adult acne is caused by estrogen toxicity, heavy metal toxicity leading to candida overgrowth and even parasites. Colonics help to rid the body of toxic build up improving the look of the skin and reducing inflammation.

Trisha: Does colonics hurt?

Monica: No, not at all. Sure, the process can be a little uncomfortable. You may feel like you have diarrhea from time to time during the process or some menstrual cramp type feelings. However, most people come to enjoy the refreshing and calming feeling they get during the process, once they adapt to it.  When it comes to detoxification processes, like beauty treatments, often those that are the most effective can also be uncomfortable.  

Trisha: How often should one have a colonic treatment?

Monica: We recommend for the average person looking for a good initial cleanse and ‘reset’ with three sessions scheduled a week apart in combination with clean nutrition and plenty of hydration.  

Crystal: I usually recommend to start with one cleanse a week for four weeks, and then once-a-month maintenance after that, as well as supplementing to replenish the body and skin with Probiotics, trace minerals and L-glutamine for digestive track repair.

Trisha: Do you use colonics yourself?

Monica: When people ask me why I look young for my age,  and what is my secret- I do tell them.  Some people don’t want to hear another word because they find the concept disgusting.  Other people are intrigued.  Those open minded enough to give it a try with us are rarely if ever disappointed.

Crystal: I personally use colonics as a regular part of my beauty routine. It keeps my skin clear, improves my energy levels, makes my body more absorbent to nutrients and eliminates bloating.

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