Millions of people are chronically constipated

They have had infrequent or incomplete poop for so long, they think it’s normal
Colon hydrotherapy is the perfect specific procedure to eliminate constipation and restore normal bowel function
Dr. Michael Gerber
Medical Doctor

What is Constipation?

A condition that inhibits full and frequent bowel movements due to an excessive backlog of waste matter inside the colon. With prolonged constipation stool can become hard, dry and difficult to pass.
Some people who are going everyday, may not be fully releasing

If a constipated person could watch a live feed of their colon, they would want a colonic immediately

How Colonics Help


Rehydrate dry hardened stool


Remove waste blockages


Restore better function

Individual results may vary based upon health history.

Primary Constipation Symptoms

Infrequent or incomplete bowel movements

Dry, hard and/or lumpy stool

Strained difficult movements​​

Uncomfortable or painful movements ​

Frequent "false alarms"​

Urge to go again soon after a movement​

Feel blockage preventing complete movements​

Feel your bowels are not emptied after a movement​

Pressing on your abdomen to help empty rectum​

Chronic bloated and nauseous during a movement​

Associated Symptoms

Bad breath

Low energy

Loss of appetite

Skin conditions

Brain fog

Sexual dysfunction

Contributing Factors

that cause or exacerbate constipation

Modern Foods

Processed foods, overeating, low fiber, sticky & dry foods, nutrient deficiency and indigestible food combinations


Sedentary Life

Excessive sitting or lounging, low to no exercise, excessive driving, work restrictions and too much screen time



Low to no water intake, excessive caffeine & alcohol consumption, drinking sugary drinks and eating instead of drinking


Antidepressants, pain relievers, heartburn medication, muscle relaxants and calcium blockers


High Stress Life

Chronic fight or flight, depression, anxiety, persistent body tension, mental pressure and unresolved emotions


Health Conditions

Diabetes, hypothyroidism, IBS, PCOS, tight pelvic floor, enlarged prostate, parasites, colon cancer, Chron’s and more.

Conventional Treatments

Commonly tried approaches that often have mixed results
You know how good it feels when you remove that stuck piece of food lodged in your teeth?

Now, imagine that feeling throughout your entire gut. This is what our constipated clients feel after a cleansing colonic. The relief they feel often brings them to tears!


Lauren's Healing Story

How colonics have helped her find relief from chronic constipation and have become instrumental for her overall wellness routine.

You might be unknowingly constipated too. Explore colonics as a therapy to clear constipation and finally find relief.