Preparing for your Appointment


We often compare preparing for a colonic similar to preparing for a workout or yoga class- you will want to be hydrated, have some healthy nutrition including electrolytes in your system, and have a relatively empty stomach. 

  • Be hydrated + mineralized:  you will want to sip on water, herbal teas, coconut water, healthy soups, juices, smoothies throughout the day of your appointment and ideally the day before your appointment as well- aim for around 1.5 L a day and no more than 3 L.  Consume electroltyes the day before and the day of your appointment, even if it’s in the form of gatorade. 

  • Eating: We recommend light, healthy meals on the day of your appointment, with your last meal being 1hr or 1.5hrs prior to your appointment start-time. Eating a heavy meal within two hours of your appointment will likely cause discomfort.  Example meals for day of your appointment include: soups, smoothies, juices, healthy stews, cooked vegetables and lean protein, salads, fruit, seeds/nuts.   If you are already doing a fasting or liquid meal protocol, then follow your protocol as usual.  If you are following a medically-prescribed diet- please stick to it as usual

  • Alcohol: most clinics would not ideally recommend drinking alcohol the night prior to your appointment.  However if you have a social engagement and are planning to have some drinks (1-5), you should still be fine to come in for your appointment the next day.  If you are intending heavy drinking- we would recommend delaying your appointment until you have recovered.

  • When to see a doctor: If you are above the age of 40 and experiencing unexplainable pain in your abdominal area- please schedule a colonoscopy, or thorough ultrasound for medical diagnosis to determine whether or not colon hydrotherapy might be appropriate for you

  • If you’re doing a cleanse or detox: Perfect.  Colon Hydrotherapy goes very well with virtually all detox and cleanse programs and protocols.  In fact, many people believe that colon hydrotherapy is a vital addition to a cleanse, to help the body effectively eliminate waste and prevent re-absorption.

  •  If you’re menstruating: not a problem to do colon hydrotherapy during your cycle.  If you wear tampons- you will need to remove it before your session- so make sure to bring an extra for after.  If you have extreme cramping and discomfort during your cycle- you may want to delay your first time until your cycle is over.  

  • Prepare to relax: its hard to have a good session if you’re in a rush:  please schedule your appointment so you’re not on a tight timeline and able to properly relax

  • Not a 1 time treatment: because of the vast size of the colon, and the way that the therapy works, we want you to understand that for people new to Colon Hydrotherapy, this is not a 1 treatment therapy- but a process.  We generally recommend 3 sessions, spaced about a week apart for people coming in for general cleansing and wellness- and up to 6 weekly sessions for people with symptoms and issues. Under certain protocols, the number of sessions and frequency can also vary.  We work on a case by case basis, and once you complete your intake and come in for your first session, your Therapist will be able to make recommendations for you.     

Eat a light, healthy diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables 48 hrs before your session. We recommend soups in the colder seasons.

Be well hydrated + take electrolytes

Aftercare and what to expect after your Colon Hydrotherapy appointment


  • Everyone’s experience is different depending on your unique health situation.  Most people feel normal or a little lighter and clearer than normal

  • Tiredness: many people feel tired, especially after their first couple of sessions

  • Bloating or relief: although many people have flatter stomachs after the appointment, some people experience tenderness or bloating in the tummy

  • Symptoms of detoxification: occasionally, but rarely- someone may experience ‘symptoms of detox’ or ‘healing crisis’- where you get symptoms of illness right after your cleanse

  • Take it easy: most people can go back to life as usual right after their session- such as working out or going to work.  However, we do recommend focusing on self-care the day of your colonic.

  • Using the washroom: doing a colonic is not like taking a laxative.  You should not feel uncontrollable urges to go to the washroom once your appointment is done.  You may have to use the toilet from time to time- but you should have full control. 

Your body will be in ‘cleansing’ or ‘detox’ mode 48 hrs after your session is over.  Your channels of elimination will be stimulated.  We recommend optimizing this by eating a light, clean diet, drinking plenty of healthy fluids and including electrolytes.  


  • Keep a light, clean diet for at least 48 hrs after your appointment

  • Steamed veggies (raw veggies can be gassy), fresh fruit, fresh juices 

  • Healthy soups, stews

  • Healthy whole grains like brown rice, quinoa, barley, porridge

  • lean protein such as nuts, seeds, fish, organic chicken or turkey breast

  • Probiotic foods such as sauercraut, kefir, kmchi

  • Eat smaller portions, eat slowly, chew thoroughly

  • Absorption and assimilation of nutrients is enhanced after your colonic, so whatever you take into your body matters!


  • Have probiotics on hand after your colonic to take on a daily basis

  • After cleansing the colon is the perfect time to focus on cultivating healthy probiotic populations in our digestive system 


  • Feeling tired after your session

  • Feeling gassy

  • A delay in your next bowel movement of up to several days.  This depends on the speed or ‘transit time’ or your digestive process as well as elimination during session

  • Increased sensitivity to the foods you eat and the way they effect you

  • “Symptoms of detox” or “healing crisis such as cold or flu-like symptoms, or skin flare ups (in our experience, only about 1% of people may experience this)

  • More frequent bowel movements and urination

  • Emotions may surface after your session

  • It is rare, but some people do experience residual abdominal cramping

  • Please note:  everybody is different and colon hydrotherapy can effect different people in different ways. 


  • Maintain a clean, healthy diet with plenty of hydration

  • Add therapeutic herbs

  • Incorporate fresh pressed vegetable and fruit juices

  • exfoliation, dry skin brushing, steams, saunas, salt baths

  • Refrain from drinking alcohol and caffeine

  • This is a perfect time to declutter your home environment if you have any clutter at home or office if needed and desired