Problems Helped with Colon hydrotherapy

Gas and Bloating

One of the most frequently reported benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy is that it helps immensely with gas and bloating.

The issue of gas and bloating, although all too common these days, should not be under-estimated as a health problem.  When you feel bloated, it effects how you feel physically, but also mentally.

It can effect the way you feel about your body, the way you look in clothes, the discomfort can drain your attention and energy, and can interfere with your workouts, sleep, and sex life.

Humans are not meant to be bloated on a regular basis.  If you are noticing you are often bloated, it’s important to take this symptom seriously, and work on making changes to fix the underlying problem.

Of course, eating a good healthy diet, supplementing with probiotics, carminative herbs, and eating slowly and chewing well all support healthier digestion and a reduction in gas and bloating.   But sometimes the gas and bloating is persistent despite healthy lifestyle habits.  Sometimes the build up of gas and bloating is so escalated, that good nutrition and herbs do not get rid of the build up of trapped gas in your system.

Colonics are known to be one of the most efficient and effective tools for getting rid of and helping with gas and bloating.  They can act as a deep reset that allows you to get back on track with your digestive health.

Although there are no guarantees, clients often report instant relief from uncomfortable bloating during their appointment, but also a long-term reduction of gas and bloating, after just 1-3 colon hydrotherapy sessions.

Woman with stomach constipation pain

Why might this be? 

Release of trapped / built up gas / decompression:

Over time, if gas is not being fully eliminated from the digestive tract, gas can build up and accumulate in your system (being full of air). This usually leads to feelings of pressure, stomach distention, gas pain and discomfort, and in more extreme cases, even difficulty moving and breathing freely.

This can occur due to the habit of holding gas in instead of letting it out, eating foods that don’t agree with your system, eating too fast and not chewing properly, certain imbalances of the gut biome- such as h-pylori, and sedentary lifestyle.

Colonics is a gentle, yet efficient and effective way to release the build up of gas in your system. The colonics have a decompression effect, almost like letting air out of a tire. Many clients experience an instant relief after, and even during their session, with their stomach becoming softer, more flexible, and reducing distention due to the release of trapped gas. 

Many people notice a long-lasting improvement after colonics, particularly when they make necessary lifestyle changes to prevent the bloating from occurring again.

Release of backlogged matter

A backlog of of feces / solid waste matter  in the colon can lead to gas and bloating as well.  Not only can built-up fecal matter lead to a feeling of heaviness or distension of the belly, but the longer stool sits in the colon, the more time bacteria have to ferment the fecal matter.  This fermentation process releases gas into your system, leading to more trapped gas, bloating, and associated discomfort.

The beauty of colonics is that it helps to relieve both the constipation and bloating, while cleansing your body.  However, beyond immediate relief, colonics is also known to prevent constipation and bloating from recurring in the future, with many people experiencing long-term relief, especially when combined with healthy lifestyle changes.

Balancing dysbiosis

Our bodies are composed of at least as many live organisms as it is cells! Our bodies are complex ecosystems, full of living organisms.  The live organisms in our gut is known as the ‘gut biome’ or ‘gut microbiome.’  The health and balance of our gut biome influences both our digestive health, as well as our immune health, and as research progresses, it is even being associated with things such as mental health, and body weight.

Imbalance in the gut biome can lead to gas and bloating.  If you have adjusted your diet and nutrition, added digestive support supplements, and tried colon hydrotherapy, but are still experiencing gas and bloating, you may have an imbalance in your biome.

Common gut biome issues that can cause gas include:  h-pylori, SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), candida (yeast/fungus), and parasites (there are various kinds).

Colon hydrotherapy can improve the symptoms created by these harmful organisms, but to truly correct the underlying imbalance, a protocol including nutrition, herbs and / or medication, and colon hydrotherapy is recommended.

During such a protocol, colonics help to flush the dead or paralyized organisms from your colon, along with their by-products, trapped gas, and backlogged stool from your colon.

This helps create a healthier internal environment, and combined with good nutrition and probiotic supplementation, a healthier, more balanced gut microbiome, and longer-term relief from gas and bloating.

Colonics can act like a fresh start or reset for your system.  Although as little as one session can often provide instant relief from gas and bloating, you will also want to make healthy lifestyle choices to prevent gas and bloating from recurring, so you do experience the same level of discomfort again.

Your Therapist will help guide you with healthy lifestyle changes during your consults before and after your therapies, to compliment the colon hydrotherapy treatments.

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