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Colonics changed my life. After going for the 6 week protocol and once a month protocol my energy increased, digestion improved, my teeth & gums became healthier and I increased the amount of times I went #2 daily. As a Holistic Dental Hygienist I recommend having a regular colonic to increase the alkalinity in the body, therefore decreasing the acidity, stress and inflammation in the body- resulting in healing periodontal disease/gum disease. When there is inflammation in the body you have inflammation the mouth. Colonics helps decrease inflammation in the body and mouth. 

I have be a loyal client to Monica because she is an exteremely knowledgeable, professional colonic therapist. Exudes excellent communication and customer service. I have tried both forms of colonics and I feel with the angel of water I was more comfortable, private , had more control and was able to relax and let the treatment go deeper. The atmosphere Monica creates is sheer peace.

-Sonia Pellerino, RDH
Registered Dental Hygienist

Friendly, knowledgeable and highly intuitive, Monica has been my colonics therapist going on seven years. I sought her services because I was experiencing severe stomach bloating and had put on extra weight. There was an immediate decrease in my weight after the very first session. After a few more sessions, my stomach began to flatten, and my skin became clearer. 

In addition to the treatment, Monica coaches me on nutrition to minimize future bloating and maintain a healthy holistic routine. The whole experience she provides from initial consultation to aftercare is exceptional. I would be  amiss if I didn't also mention my appreciation for the ease of use of the colonics machine and the privacy I enjoy during my sessions.  ​

-Trisha Richards
Communications and Content Specialist

As a result of Monica's service I felt a surge of physical energy that lasted days after the experience. To be honest,  as a guy doing Colonics for the first time, I felt nervous before my appointment.  But Monica answered all my questions- the whole process was way easier and more dignified than I expected.  I appreciated the privacy option and felt safe the whole time. The equipment and environment was clean and well kept. The after effects were totally worth it. I would recommend Monica to anyone who wants to improve their health. I appreciate her professionalism and the energy she brings to her service. ​

-Colin Campbell
Founder, Click Simple Marketing™

When I was dealing with my chronic Lyme disease my doctor recommended colonics to help with my GI issues.  I was very hesitant to try but I can honestly say colonics changed my life.  

Working with Monica has been great.  She is very professional and holistic in her approach and has really helped me in my road back to health.  ​

-Johanna Johnston 
Occupational Therapist

I’ve been doing colonics for about seven years with Monica, and she is the only one I see. I like coming to Monica because she offers professional services, has good knowledge of the body and how it works, creates a very comfortable environment and I get good results with no pressure.  

​ I do colonics to clear the colon, and keep the cycle of intake and elimination in balance. Sometimes food can be left in colon for too long.  Coming here helps you eliminate the excess waste that’s been building up in your body.  It gives a refreshing feeling.  You feel lighter.  ​

I do it honestly as a way to take care of the inside of my body.  Most people focus on the outside.  Doing a colonic is as close to taking care of the inside as you can get.

I’ve done Colonics with the Angel of Water and with the closed system.  I like the Angel of Water because the tube is smaller, and you’re in control of the session.  It is also more comfortable to use.  ​

-Richard Safford
Municipal Employee/ Photographer

What a confidence booster! ​

My colonic sessions have brought such value to my life.  I have a glowing complexion, clearer skin and healthier hair.  ​

In addition, Monica has provided me with great tips regarding proper nutrition and effective food combinations.  This has eliminated the constipation I used to experience and my digestive system is not overworking itself as before.   ​

Monica, thank you for being such a positive influence in my life.  Your expertise, professionalism, and pleasant personality is second to none.  ​

-Melonie Arscott

Monica Black offers an exceptional colonic experience that is quite unique because the client administers the tools themselves and is in full control of the session. Her clinic is clean, comfortable and private yet she makes herself immediately available should any questions arise. Monica is professional, calm, reassuring and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend her services and will continue to choose Colonics With Monica for maintaining my health and for ongoing colon cleansing requirements. Thank you Monica for creating a space where colonics are easy and, dare I say, enjoyable. ​

-Anna Wrona
Holistic Practitioner

As a televison host of the Wellness of Being with Brad Poirier I knew I had to have Colon Hydrotherapist Monica Black as a guest. 

Through talking with Monica I found that she processes great knowledge about how the body system works.  Intrigued, once the interview was over I knew I had to try it. I was skeptical and had to find out for myself, not really knowiing what to expect.

So I booked with Monica. She warmly greeted me and welcomed me into her office. First having a very thorough consultation before we even started I felt extremely confident in Monica.

The process itself is non-invasive, comfortable and down right relaxing. Having total control over the cleansing process.

After, not only did I feel refreshed and rejuvinated but also lighter. In the coming days I noticed my skin clearer and younger. My brain fog had lifted and even lost a few pounds.

With an easy to follow after care program that Monica provided I know this will be easy for me to maintain.

Thank you Monica Black Colon Hydrotherapist for helping me get my energy of life back. 

This will definitely be implemented into my wellness of being journey!!

You are THE BEST MONICA!!! Can't wait to have you back on Season 2!! ​

-Brad Poirier
Brad Celebrity Hairstylist TV Host The Wellness of Being with Brad Poirier ​

I was super nervous about doing my first colonic, but Monica's energy and approach was extremely calming and welcoming. I felt comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire process. 

After the colonic Monica informed me with the proper steps to take, such as the best foods and probiotics to consume after my treatment. I felt well informed and excited to come back for my second treatment. 

These colonics with Monica have left me feeling great! I instantly felt lighter, relaxed and zen throughout the weeks following. I could honestly say it was the best poop I ever had! LOL 

Thank you Monica! 

-Shauna Morgan
Food Relationship Coach | Blogger