Vitality begins in the colon

Going to the washroom (‘elimination’) is a major activity of daily living.  If you’re not going to the washroom properly, gases and waste build up in your system and undue burden/strain is put on your organs and body’s filtration systems.  When this happens, not only is it hard to feel your best and perform your best, but you can experience minor to extreme discomfort that interferes with your regular day to day living. Even your sleep, psycho-emotional health, and sexual health can be effected. 

Left unattended, digestive blockages, stagnation, and incomplete elimination can lead to more serious, but preventative health problems and chronic symptoms over time.  That’s why if you feel something is ‘off’ with your digestion, its important to listen to your body and take action to rebalance. 

An age-old solution:

Colon Hydrotherapy is one of the safest and most effective methods of helping you go to the washroom.

Whether you are experiencing an emergency situation, such as a blockage, or simply feeling the uncomfortable  symptoms of incomplete elimination, colon hydrotherapy can be the support or complete solution you need to cleanse and get yourself back on track. 

“the benefits of colon hydrotherapy extend all the way from psychiatric improvement to constipation elimination”

-Dr. Michael Gerber, MD

Colon Hydrotherapy is one of the safest and most effective methods of helping you go to the washroom.

Whether you are experiencing an emergency situation, such as a blockage, or simply feeling the uncomfortable  symptoms of incomplete elimination, colon hydrotherapy can be the support or complete solution you need to cleanse and get yourself back on track. 

Over time (thousands and thousands of years), humans have used colon hydrotherapy (‘colonics’) for many different reasons:  correcting digestive imbalances, constipation, gas and bloating, during detox and cleanse programs, preventative health, anti-aging and natural beauty, energy, skin health, candida cleansing, parasite cleansing, weight loss support, drug and alcohol detoxification, plant medicine preparation and aftercare, psycho-emotional healing, surgical preparation and aftercare, supporting healthy lifestyle changes and more.

Let us support you

Here @ Flow, we are clinical specialists in Colon Hydrotherapy. Our professional practice features state-of-the art Angel of Water equipment.  

Over the years it has been our honour to witness countless improvements in the clientele we have served. We often hear that this is one of the best things someone has done for themselves in a long time.  As Colonics grows in popularity, it is our objective to continue to offer this valuable therapy in a way that is safe, easy, effective, informative, and actually enjoyable. Feel free to book an appointment using our online booking button (above), or contact us at 416-559-8121.  We’re happy to chat and answer any questions you have. 

Angel of Water colon hydrotherapy toileting system, facilitated by professional Therapist,  is highly effective, and offers top user-experience

Our Reviews

I had an amazing experience at Flow Hydrotherapy. The staff was extremely knowledgeable and helpful! They made me feel comfortable and at ease. If I could give them more stars I would!
Veronica Morganti
Veronica M.
13:13 19 Jul 21
I had an amazing experience here the other day! It was my first time and I was a little nervous but Monica made me super comfortable and put me at ease about everything. It was completely different and way better than I had anticipated and if you are thinking of trying it, I highly recommend it. All of the girls who work there are so lovely! I feel great and I am looking forward to my next visit.
Lacey Haw
Lacey H.
21:45 07 Jul 21
Of all the colonics centers I've been to Flow Hydrotherapy is certainly the best. Monica is extremely knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire process. She offered me a good education when I was newer, and gives me plenty of space and time as I became more familiar with the process.The design of the room is very calming and soothing, which is perfect for a cleansing related facility. I was given all the time I needed, which made it easier to relax and get the most benefit from the experienceMonica also offered me great tips for aftercare and best practices for continued cleansing and healing after the colonic. I highly recommend flow hydrotherapy for anyone interested in doing a deep cleanse (Plus the juice bar out from has a great selection of juices and snacks which are perfect for afterwards!)All around a 5+ Star experience!
Evan Jarvis
Evan J.
13:00 25 Jun 21
This little sanctuary is by far the best hydrotherapy clinic in Toronto. Monica and her staff could not be more knowledgable and supportive when it comes to holistic health care. The dedication to the wellbeing of each and every client cannot be matched and their services extend far beyond the colonics themselves. Thank you Monica for providing a safe space and such wonderful service!
Tatiana Rose
Tatiana R.
19:20 14 Jun 21
I’ve been a hydrotherapy client for at least 4 yrs now and couldn’t be happier with this procedure as part of a healthy body healthy mind experience .Colonics just make sense and Monica’s informative and gentle demeanour only adds to the monthly visit I’ve taken on so wait a go Flow!!😊💩
Dave Luno
Dave L.
20:41 17 May 21
I feel like I was very nervous and scared to come here but I was very happy with my visit. Not only did they make me feel comfortable they make me want to recommend other people here too. The space was comfortable and clean ! 10/10
Sherika Dixon
Sherika D.
23:24 17 Apr 21
I was skeptical of colon hydrotherapy prior to my first treatment but the benefits were immediate and undeniable. Being my first session, I felt a bit uncomfortable at times, but Samaza -- one of the therapists -- made the experience a lot more comfortable. She was incredibly knowledgeable, supportive, and reassuring.After my session, I felt a deep sense of peace and lightness. My body felt leaner and more efficient, my mind felt clearer and sharper, and my emotions were stable. I'm looking forward to my next session 🙂
Pandora Skyes
Pandora S.
01:54 23 Mar 21
If I could give more stars - I would. I read all the reviews before I booked my 1st appointment and someone called it the Ferrari of all colonics and they were right on! Since I have been getting treatments for decades with the old methods, it took some getting used to being so effortless yet profoundly impactful. Rana's sweet and kind voice in my ears: let the water do the work and her care made a huge difference as well. Buying the 3-session special was the best investment into my health and the perfect start to a new way of living: Whole-food plant based S.O.S. - Dr. John McDougall Method that I now teach to others. Highly recommended!
05:08 17 Mar 21
I love going to Flow Hydrotherapy. The environment is warm, calm, quiet, serene and very clean! The client care offered by Monica and her team is outstanding. They are highly knowledgeable, caring and attentive to individual needs and queries. Having tried other colonic hydrotherapy systems, I love the Angel of the Water machine that Flow uses. Colonic hydrotherapy has helped me tremendously to relieve stagnation in the colon and increase healthy elimination, and it has helped me to pay better attention to the needs of my colon. I absolutely recommend Flow Hydrotherapy and the benefits of colon hydrotherapy.
Karen Steele
Karen S.
12:55 11 Mar 21
I just had my first colonics season 2 days ago and I can already feel such a difference! I have suffered with digestive issues all of my adult life and was nervous to try colonics for the first time. After having my questions answered and being coached by Samaza, the session went so smoothly. She reassured me at each step of the process and I am so grateful for how comfortable I felt once I understood how this treatment worked and could benefit me with my specific digestive issues. Samaza even took the time afterwards to recommend digestive enzyme products that could further assist me 🙂 Thank you Flow Hydrotherapy!
Margo Free
Margo F.
00:02 05 Mar 21
I’ve been there three times now and will be back again! Great place, great environment, great staff...can’t say enough good things about Flow. Thanks for helping keep me healthy!
Cee Jay
Cee J.
02:20 25 Feb 21
I used Monica's service and I only have amazing things to say about her. The space is very clean and she very compassionate, knowledgeable and professional. She booked an emergency appointment for me at the last minute to help me. She also followed up with me over the phone with advices and recommendations of diet, herbs and supplements. I highly recommend her hydrotherapy clinic over any other in Toronto. Thank you so much Monica for your kindness and love. 🙂
Christiano De Araujo
Christiano De A.
17:40 22 Feb 21
I love flow hydrotherapy because it makes colonics such a comfortable and meditative process. It's the ultimate experience of self-care and the staff are so friendly, supportive and helpful. So grateful for a space like this in Toronto.
Vanessa Faria
Vanessa F.
00:10 11 Feb 21
Flow is the place to go for hydrocolonics in Toronto! 👏 I've worked with Monica using the Angel of Water since 2012 and it has played a significant role in my optimal health gameWith the mental clarity I feel after each session, this is a cleanse not just for my body, but also my mindThe staff here are radiant care bears, who have a passion for health and vitalityThey're intelligent, generous and have a legit interest in my wellnessThank you for always making my experience truly enjoyable
Justin Law
Justin L.
17:46 07 Feb 21
I just had my first colon hydrotherapy driving the Ferrari of the industry. The ride was amazing, smooth, and satisfying. Rana is a gracious, knowledgeable professional who explained everything, answered all my questions, provided everything I needed, and left me to prepare for the unknown. As the last event of my 6 days of cleansing and detoxing, I was ready to play full out. I blasted away with the Angel of Water on 8 gallons in the tank. I could feel the surging flow below my naval as I held on for more. I refilled and finished the ride, leaving the scene with renewed energy. Thank you, Rana and Flow Hydrotherapy. See you again.
William Hunt
William H.
04:08 03 Feb 21
Working with Monica very comfortable.She Provides a very clean, comfortable and professional environment.I felt lighter, more agile and vibrant when I completed my sessions with her.I would highly recommend this therapy for anyone, specially if you are in any medications or an athlete of any sort.I will return again.
Daniel B
Daniel B
12:52 26 Nov 20
As to be expected I was a little nervous about my first hydrotherapy appointment. The machine itself was very easy to use and Samaza was so kind and knowledgeable, I felt right at home.Thanks 🙂
Matty P
Matty P
13:49 29 Oct 20
Absolutely incredible space. I have been visiting as needed for a few years now and only have the best things to say. The space is clean and the staff are always the most knowledgeable and professional. I recommend them over any other hydrotherapy centre in Toronto.
Anastasia Virginillo
Anastasia V.
14:45 15 Oct 20
I love coming to this place. The Angel of Water is superb and the clinic is very organized. Monica and her staff are all amazing and I always feel taken care of and it is a calm place. Thanks Monica and team for making my visits excellent!
19:11 13 Oct 20
Monica is an angel. It was my first time doing colon cleanse . She made me feel comfortable. She explained everything to me. She told me what to eat and what vitamins to take . I had a amazing experience. I will definitely be going back .
Luul noor
Luul N.
01:23 14 Sep 20
Flow hydrotherapy is amazing!! Monica and staff are very friendly, knowledgeable and easy to talk with they make you feel very comfortable and at ease .Booking is very easy , hours are very accommodating it’s a very clean environment and well kept . I would highly recommend flow hydrotherapy to anyone looking for a colonic, please visit this place it’s worth it !!Thank you Monica and staff 😀.Satisfied clientTony M .
Tony Maharaj
Tony M.
21:34 08 Sep 20
This is the best hydrotherapy clinic in Toronto. I have experienced different types of colonics, but the Angel of Water equipment is amazing. The clinic is very clean and has a calm atmosphere. Monica and her staff are knowledgeable and passionate for the wellbeing of others. If you haven't try colonic's before, I suggest this clinic, because they will make you very comfortable for your fist visit.Their approach is holistic, mind, body, spirit and soul. Thank you ladies for a safe haven!
Rupi Saran
Rupi S.
12:09 08 Sep 20
Colon hydrotherapy is a unique treatment designed to help with many different health ailments. My experience at Flow was nothing short of amazing, as I knew it would be. I went into my first hydrotherapy session a little nervous, but Monica (the owner) does such a great job at making you feel calm and collective. She definitely puts all worries and fears at ease and explains the process in such great detail. Monica is an expert in the field and I felt I could completely trust her direction. The clinic is also super CLEAN and the atmosphere is very relaxing. After my session, I felt great! I'll definitely keep coming back here for my future sessions. Thanks again Monica and team! 🙂
Amanda Soufi
Amanda S.
02:27 31 Aug 20
Very professional and high end equipment. Monica is pro at what she does and excellent at explaining / educating you to the process. Definitely a great way to cleanse / detox gut but health benefits certainly extend to the rest of your body. I come in from Ottawa area. It's that good.
Victor Michael
Victor M.
13:38 27 Aug 20
Knowledgeable, clean and comforting! This is the last thing I thought I would ever do, but Monica explained the process and positives that come with it... I was looking to lose weight, and that's exactly what happened. I recommend this to all, and the machine is virgin friendly!
Jason Peters
Jason P.
15:41 22 Aug 20
I really have to say that Monica was so helpful and explained everything so clearly. I feel like a New person With a new purpose.The clinic was very clean with great energy.I highly recommend everyone start.
Daniel Grandon
Daniel G.
14:14 20 Aug 20
This is the best hydrotherapy clinic in the ontario, they have the most caring and understanding staff. They genuinely care for you health and well being and talk to you through your health problem or issue assisting you in the hydrotherapy making sure your comfortable and have a great experience. I would recommend flow hydrotherapy to anyone looking to getting this done because they deserve more stars than five they are truly amazing!!MUST VISIT IF YOUR LOOKING FOR HYDROTHERAPY!!!
Amina Nazir
Amina N.
03:59 07 Jul 20
Flow Hydrotherapy is the only place in all of Toronto and the GTA that I trust with my colonics. Monica and Samaza are my Colon therapists/girls. They are impeccably clean as I have seen what their cleaning procedure is, what products they use and the systems they have in place in their state of the art colonic equipment. They use a very good quality water and also offer infa-red saunas (that pair up well with a colonic). They have amazing customer service and a genuine form of health support to all of their clients. It is an establishment where long term health and community are the focus.
Nicolas Moussa
Nicolas M.
18:38 30 Jun 20
Calm, discreet and professional...Flow Hydrotherapy, and owner Monica, have helped me immensely to transform my overall health and well-being.This beautiful, hidden gem in the Bloor West Village, is a destination spot for anyone interested in healing from the inside out. Monica’s expertise helped me to become comfortable with the entire process. She completely normalized the experience and helped settle me into a zen space immediately.I loved it here so much that my sister and 17 year old daughters wanted to feel as good as I felt, and are so glad they did.Thank you Monica for such a beautiful service to the community.If you are at all wondering if this is for you, and considering Flow Hydrotherapy as part of your restorative healing, I strongly encourage you to come on down. You will not be disappointed!
The Real Juicy Detox (Berns Bedard)
The Real Juicy Detox (Berns B.
15:48 30 Jun 20
T Richards
T R.
13:58 20 Jun 20
I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Monica and the team at Flow Hydrotheraphy for providing such exemplary service. Samaza and Don your ability to care for clients always amazes me. Monica, your passion and love for what you do makes a huge difference in your client's healing journey. You shine bright.Each time I've interacted, you have made me feel such warmth. Here are the things I value:-A plus client experience-Above excellence knowledge about the gut brain connection to overall health and well being-Diverse in depth knowledge of the phychospiritual aspect of degenerative breakdown and optimal health-Super supportive community of a family oriented clinic-Always willing to go above and beyond-Always kind, professional and warmYou're more than my "go to" for cleansing by body of toxins and optimal health. You're family, you warm my heartspace. Thank you for your exemplary service and leadership in this space. This service is needed in every health care sector. For anyone who is looking for intestinal cleansing, reversing dis-ease, repairing the G.I tract and becoming your best healthy self, I highly recommend this space. Might I add perk benefits of location within the Village Juicery where one can hydrate and be mesmerized by the delicious cold pressed prganic juices and plant based food options while enjoying 10% off as a Flow client. That's a huge plus for me.You all radiate pure bliss, especially with those beautiful serene meditative music while I have my sauna sessions. Thank you Flow for your helping me re-calibrate and re-design my health!🙏❤🙌
Denise Rodrigues
Denise R.
22:37 18 Jun 20
Amazing experience!!!!! Monica was awesome! I am very pleased with the outcome of the process and that was just my first time! I am no longer a novice and will definitely be going back! The environment is more than relaxing and really makes for a great experience . You will not be disappointed when you go there !
Mandisa Mcpherson
Mandisa M.
18:00 31 May 20
Warm, knowledgeable & serene, I'm grateful that Monica has been my hydro colonic therapist for over ten years.Monica's choice to switch to the Angel of Water Equipment has enhanced my experience further; the tube is smaller, I feel more in control and (sometimes) I appreciate the privacy.PLUS...the infrared sauna with its ambient lighting and music offers a cozy, private, safe space to detox and relax... and a shower in the same room to complete the experience.Thank you Monica, I really value your services and the beautiful safe space you provide.
Sharon Warren
Sharon W.
21:37 17 May 20
Great Services and the management team are very knowledgeable and welcoming. You feel rejuvenated and cleanse when you leave . I appreciate this place, it is a place where I get to unwind and relax. Thank you.
P pinnock
P P.
21:08 09 May 20
There is a very welcoming and peaceful energy at flow hydrotherapy, it is my favourite place to recalibrate and tend to my health. The staff provide exceptional service and are very knowledgeable; I appreciate how cared for I feel each time I walk in. The facility is spotless too. Thank you, Flow!
Margherita Di Bari
Margherita Di B.
20:40 03 Apr 20
Monica and the team are all so wonderful and have helped me out with digestion issues for a few years now. They put a lot of time into helping their customers and even recommending other things outside of their business. Very comfortable space where you can have complete privacy.
Hailey L
Hailey L
16:07 06 Mar 20
Absolutely incredible experience. Monica and her team were wonderful and were even able to schedule me at the very last minute. I am beyond grateful for them and will definitely be back. I’ve already recommended them to several friends and family members. Thanks again!
Adam Carney
Adam C.
01:40 06 Mar 20
Great staff !!! Super clean space but most importantly the energy is amazing , you’ll feel relaxed and stress free 😊
emma boateng “rosesforyou”
emma boateng “.
21:13 07 Feb 20
First time ever trying this, and it was amazing! Incredible staff and lovely environment. I felt comfortable and well looked after, while also feeling like I had the utmost privacy and respect.
Dana Morrison
Dana M.
00:28 24 Jan 20
Monica and her staff are more than supportive. Their knowledge and expertise allow a safe and relaxed environment where you easily feel you're being taken care of. Their best interests are your health and well being. I recommend this space for anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding on their own health. Thank you Monica !
Elly Love
Elly L.
21:13 22 Jan 20
I’ve known Monica and her work ethics since 2016. Her calmness, knowledge, friendliness and love for what she does has kept me going back all these years. I highly recommend Flow Hydrotherapy to everyone. Monica and her staff are the best! Monica, congratulations for creating this health and wellness space that is just wonderful!
Diana Nicolau
Diana N.
18:13 20 Jan 20
I love this place so much! The staff is super friendly and well trained. I was shy to try this at first but now I love going there. I love the owner too! Thank you so much!
Holistic Centre
Holistic C.
21:08 16 Jan 20
Lovely staff, very caring, relaxed and supportive. Great vibe, always looking forward to seeing them!
Erika Lucivero
Erika L.
16:16 14 Jan 20
This is my favorite place to sauna when I am in the city! I really like that it is private so I can control the temprature and ambiance... I prefer intense heat and this sauna can definately provide that!! Thank you Monica and your staff for providing such a great experience yet again!
Jonathan Scott
Jonathan S.
04:44 14 Jan 20
I had my first hydra colonic experience at the amazing healing Hippocrates institute in WPB Florida 12 years ago and have been hoping to find an amazing place locally.. well i found it !! Perfect serene calm atmosphere with lovely competent professional staff. Perfectly located next to the organic juice bar.This is the best in Toronto. The whole vibe is relaxing and healing.~Candy BarrottiIntuitive Spiritual coachReiki Master & Recording artist
Whispers From Source
Whispers From S.
00:40 14 Jan 20
Excellent service. One of the best infrared saunas in the city. Would highly recommend.
s gittens
s G.
09:22 13 Jan 20
I did a bunch of infrared sauna sessions here and loved the experience. Monica the owner is the sweetest and it’s such a nice perk that the space is located within the Village Juicery and you can hydrate with delicious beverages afterward at 10% off following a Flow treatment! Highly recommend.
Magda Mirecki
Magda M.
03:42 12 Jan 20
If you're looking for a great spot to do a colonic practice, this is THE PLACE! The staff is super awesome, caring and knowledgeable. Samaza is an absolute angel, super attentive and diligent with your needs, always making you feel extremely comfortable. You can listen to your tunes or podcast while experiencing the beneficial experience, a great self care session awaits me every time.
Patrick Huynh
Patrick H.
16:27 11 Jan 20
Flow is the only place I trust to get colonics. I was nervous my first appointment cause, duh - but Samaza was great as putting me at ease with her energy and explanations of how to use the machine at my own pace. The balance between privacy and support was exactly what I needed for such an experience - and now colonics are part of my self care routine and I couldn't be happier with the benefits - both physical and energetic.
kristina baresic
kristina B.
18:50 08 Jan 20

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